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Are you...

  • Unemployed for 3 months or more and ready to work?
  • Unemployed new graduates or college dropouts for 3 months or more?
  • Underemployed for 3 or more months?

If you answer "yes" to one or more of those questions, you may be eligible to participate in Ready to Work with our clients.

We Can Help You Find Full-Time/Contract Jobs Ready to Work with our clients, We Provides Coaching, Training, and Job Placement Services for the Long-Term Unemployed, Fresher or just College passout , or Underemployed.!!!

This program provide you coaching and on-job skills training, leading to a permanent, full-time job with a participating employer. You will be prepared while in training for interview skills. It is anticipated that successful job candidates will get middle level jobs or begin a new one with a career pathway. This program also trains incumbent employees for promotions or new work with their current employer, creating new openings for the unemployed.

Eligibility Criteria for the Long-Term Unemployed

  • To be eligible for this program, you must:
  • Be a legal Authorized to work.
  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Have a high school diploma/GED or higher.
  • Have been unemployed or underemployed for three months or longer.
  • Have experience and/or skills applicable in current job market or interest to begin a new career.
  • Have official proof of unemployment or underemployment status.

Preference will be given to equally to all.

Why Should I Register for this Program?

If you wish to be considered for this program, you must complete our online registration form. By completing the form, you will give us the precise information we need to determine if you qualify. The information you provide also will help us determine if you are a good fit for a job that is already open with our clients.

If I Do Qualify, What Happens Next?

If you qualify and are accepted as a program candidate, you will be interviewed by a Ready to Work career counselor, who will ask you questions on a variety of topics. The counselor will assess your experiences, skills and qualifications. (Some candidates also will be assessed for their employability or soft skills.). Based on this information, we will develop an Individual Employability Plan to move you through the coaching, training and re-employment process. The main goal of the program is to give you on-the-job training with a participating employer, leading to permanent, full-time/contract employment - and to do this as quickly as possible. Outside training will be provided by one of our education partners, which include four year colleges/universities and the state's 19 community colleges.

How it is Beneficial ?

Jobs Type :

Full time :- With desired salary and benefits.

Contract :- With best hourly rates with possible extension.

Contract to Hire :- With hourly rate till contract periods and salary after clients hires you for same project.

Enrolled into this programm has following benefits:-

  • Training for All Skills.
  • Job Interview preparation.
  • Help in Resume Format.
  • Help to suggest domain specific job.
  • Apply job on behave of candidates to the new job vacancies.
  • Job skills as per your needs.
  • Job application on the same day when job flashes in the market.
  • Time Saving and early job apply.
  • Resume formatting and editing as per your skills and experience.

More than 15 jobs apply on potential client requirement per day. Our experts predicts urgent requirement form all job boards and team apply on behalf of candidates.

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