When we think to have a website for our business or brand, it’s a huge task before everyone to look into who is best  Web Development is like a house building where everyone plays an important role be it a developer or a content writer. Now a day there are so many companies are developing the website Design but who is good or bad it’s a very difficult task to judge especially who is a novice in this field. Need not to worry if you are new in this field, I will help you to select the best web development company.

Here are some useful tips that can help you in your selection

1: To begin with, first, you need to look into the project they have finished until now. You can ask the details of the project they have finished. Every project has different looks, so you need to be careful whether it has done by them, or they have copy-paste from other, so for that, you can cross-verify by asking them when you built this, how many developers were there, when you finished this project, what technologies you use while developing them. If they have developed that they will answer you in an elaborating manner, else they will answer you in short.

2: Check every project by opening different tabs, menu bar, see the time it is taking to open. Basically, a slow website takes a long time to open. Some tab will not open when you try to open them. A good website takes a very small- time to open, and it will not hang when you open them.

3: Check the design of the website, a well-furnished home looks beautiful with design, same is the case with a website. A website looks good with creatives and design. The latest design speaks the latest trend of design and shows the creativity of the designer.

4: There is a Chrome extension called Wapplalyzer, you can download it on your computer or laptop. This app will help you know the technology it is built like WordPress, PHP, Python, etc. Now ask the company about the technology they have built the specific website.

5: A good agency always follows the client’s needs. Ask what you need from them, see their response whether they are giving you want you to need or not. If they are interested in your project, they will do what you demand. A slow response shows they have no interest in your project.

6: Ask them for client details that they have worked before. If they are giving you straight without any hesitation show that they have done that project, and vice versa.

7: A good agency always uplifts itself in terms of technology. Ask the latest technology they are working on and compare them with google, whether the information provided by them is right or wrong.

8: Check their social media presence like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Look for the reviews giving by customers on their pages but also be aware because most of those fake companies are giving positive feedback to their own agency by making a fake profile so that no one can recognize them.

9: Do not look more into company portfolio it’s called ready-made and copy-paste technology now a day. Most of the companies are just copying others' lines and designs to make their portfolio a real look which in general it is virtual and fake. So beware of that.

10: Pricing of the project. You can ask the various vendor about the price. The different vendors will give you a different price, someone will give you high some will give you low, many of them will give you a lower rate that means they will compromise with your project.

There is a proverb “The cheap buyer takes the bad meat” which is proved in day to day life, so please, don’t find a cheap option for your project. Now a day the most business is global, so if you really want to grow your customers and client base go for Quality web development services. It will cost you one time but its return will be forever. Don’t downplay the importance of your website and your business. You will find many companies willing to negotiate within your budget.

At last, a web development company should be like an experienced mason who can create a wonderful website which you are looking for and that can do some modification if needed.

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