US Staffing

US Staffing

IBA InfoTech is the best US IT staffing services and solution company also is a registered business enterprise. We are an assumption company of IT staffing services or solution to source effective, competent, skillful IT staff in a wide range of sectors as customers need across the globe.

Our objective is to have a real collaboration with your company and become an extra time of Human Resources. We understand your competitive niche markets, dealing with each of our clients/customers individually, and concentrating on their unique needs. Our IT staffing experts perform a customized evaluation for perceptive skills to come up with the right candidature. We also handle the temporary workforce staffing and we are more than happy to assist you.

As workforce is the most powerful resource of any company, hence we make an effort to increase customer supports through staffing process. Our versatile staffing services are designed to fit our client's specific needs.

How We Work

  • Engaged with specialized staffing agency; for example,,, to place talents' hunting.
  • Communicate with the authorized manager to focus on their needs and requirements.
  • Contact candidates regarding open positions by coming up with a blueprint map to create and to simplify job descriptions that can simplify the process.
  • Collaborate between recruiters and candidates to inform skill queries, to point out, and to evaluate IT talents individually, and let the recruiter know what particular factors of the individual’s efficiency have separated itself.
  • Be responsible for candidate preservation, pay-roll management, presence tracking, worker relations, terminations, and confirming.

Industries We Serve Staffing

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Banking and Finance
  • Efficient Infrastructure
  • Hospitality staffing
  • Retail sector
  • Insurance sector
  • Energy sector
  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation

Our US Staffing Services

  • Temporary/ Full-Time Staffing
  • Contract to Hire
  • Workforce Solutions
  • Small and Mid-Sized Business Staffing