Android Application Testing

Android Application Testing

Smartphones have taken over the functions of many daily objects. Internet and internet marketing will not thrive without mobile apps. With this in mind, IBA Infotech offers you the service of Mobile Application Testing services.

Our service broadly encompasses the functional mobile testing, mobile performance testing, mobile usability testing, interactive design and mobile security testing. With our Android app testing offers you a comprehensive study of the working of your application and helps you understand the discrepancies in your app.

IOS Application Testing

Our highly segmented mobile app testing style offers you a thorough check on your mobile app. We test your applications on a wide array of popular devices and offer you the results. Our service also includes advice and help from expert professionals in this field.

If you were looking for the best mobile app automation testing service, then IBA is the place for you. Be it android apps or iOS app testing; we offer you it all.