Domestic Staffing

Domestic Staffing Solutions in India

IBA InfoTech is a registered staffing company, catering recruitment needs of wide-ranging industries with excellent domestic staffing solutions in India. Our aim is to build strong business relations with our clients and to become a trusted extension of human resources. Understanding niche in the markets, we focus on clients' recruiting requirements.

As workforce is the strongest backbone of any organization, we have a team of staffing experts who are always connected to the companies while going with the selection procedure. They are specialized in choosing the right candidates for small, middle and large-sized organizations. They conduct several rounds of interviews before picking up the most deserving talents. For job-seekers, we bring the industry’s top companies so that they can have an outstanding career growth. Therefore, we are the most trusted bridge between business and IT talents to merge their needs by providing them with art-of-the-world domestic staffing solutions.

How We Work?

  • We are partnered with various popular job portals such as and for having appropriate talents hunt.
  • We go with candidate’s skill tests for specific job requirements so that their skills can match with the tasks.
  • We link to various universities and institutes for recruiting fresh talents.
  • We always connect with the candidates via phone, email and chat to update them about new openings.
  • We have a quick response team who provides assistance to both companies and job-seekers in a timely manner.
  • Our dedicated representatives conduct orientation programs and recruitment workshops for candidates who are available and ready to work.
  • We are also engaged in responsibilities like attendance monitoring, candidate retention, payroll management, employee relations, terminations, and reporting.